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Life brings us various risks that jeopardize your financial security and that of your family. Our role as a financial planning firm is to ensure that you overcome these hard blows in order to allow you to achieve the goals you have set for yourself. The strategy we recommend to guarantee this financial optimization is to analyze your situation in terms of protections. Based on this study, we will then be able to offer you multiple solutions, such as our various insurance products.

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Disability or salary insurance

A serious injury or illness can unexpectedly occur and make you unfit to do your daily activities or work. Such a situation certainly affects your ability to earn income.

Our role as a financial planner is to allow you to continue to live serenely, even when a situation of disability or accident occurs. Various products and services exist to compensate for this lack of liquidity when an inability to work occurs. When proposing, we take into consideration your objectives and the budget you wish to allocate.

How does this means of financial optimization work?

Disability insurance is the solution that will allow you to meet all your obligations even in case of incapacity. You will have the ability to choose a dent period (period of time before the payment of the insurance), between 0 days and 1 year. You will also be able to select the number of years of coverage following a disability (2 years, 5 years or up to 65 years). There are a multitude of other options for your protections. Our financial planning services are here to advise you.

Your state of health, your job, your smoking status, your age, the waiting period and the duration of payment of a disability are all factors that will determine the price of disability insurance. We are equipped to help you make the best choice.

Life insurance

This protection mechanism allows you to ensure the same quality of life for you or your loved ones by giving you liquidity in the event of premature death.

It should be noted that there are several types of life insurance, including term life insurance and permanent life insurance (whole life insurance, participatory life insurance and universal life insurance). Each of these insurances has its own function. Depending on your various goals, sometimes you need more than one type of insurance. Let us guide you to find which one will be the best option for you.

Discover our insurance strategies that will help diversify your portfolio.

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Financial planning

Term life insurance

Term life insurance is low-cost compared to permanent life insurance. The latter is mainly used to cover large amounts of life insurance that are usually over a shorter period such as: a mortgage, a personal loan or for the protection of your family’s income continuity, in case an early death occurs.

You usually have the choice between life insurance with fixed or decreasing capital at 50% of the initial amount chosen. This last option is used to reduce the cost of protection since the amount of insurance decreases over time.

The duration of protection you can choose on term life insurance can vary between 10 years and 40 years. How does term life insurance work? Suppose a term of 10 years, at the end of the contract, you will usually have the choice between 3 options:

  • Transform your policy into permanent life insurance;
  • Use the right to renew the contract at an already pre-established price;
  • If you are still in good health, you will be able to return to the market and take over a new contract at a lower cost than the guarantees pre-established in your term life insurance contract.


Setting objectives

We discuss together to determine your projects and goals.

Choice of game plan

With the help of our proposals, you choose the strategy you will follow. 

Portfolio Optimization

We analyze the possibilities of optimizing your portfolio. 

Life insurance

Permanent life insurance

There are 3 main families of permanent life insurance: participatory life insurance, universal life insurance and whole life insurance. Each of these protections has its own strategy such as: bequeathing an inheritance to the children, diversifying its retirement fund, paying tax on death or establishing a retirement strategy with the assets held in an incorporation.

Let us know you well in order to offer you interesting strategies in terms of permanent life insurance.

Critical illness insurance

Depending on your needs, our financial planning firm can also offer you critical illness insurance as a financial optimization solution.

Understand that with this type of insurance, you will benefit from coverage if you have one of the 25 serious illnesses described in the contract.

You will also be able to get a refund of the premiums you have already paid.

Shared Ownership Critical Illness Insurance

This financial strategy aims to meet the needs of the company and its shareholders (or managers). It thus makes it possible to provide for the sharing and ownership of a critical illness insurance policy. The latter also offers different advantages for each of the parties involved.