Legal aspects

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Legal Aspects

This field of intervention is defined by the legal environment in which Quebecers evolve. Here, our financial services firm will focus on the identity, legal aspects and obligations of each other.

The conservation and constitution of your financial wealth are also 2 aspects greatly impacted by this environment.

Here we will discuss the terms of the matrimonial property regime, civil status and asset protection.

Legal aspects in case of separation

When a separation occurs, the situation initially established by the 2 parties can be extremely complex. Depending on the agreement established at the beginning of your life at 2, it is important to know the impacts of your marital situation. During a possible separation, you have rights but also obligations towards your partner. In this sense, the Planico financial service firm will be happy to help you see more clearly.

Your marital status or common-law partner status are just some of the apects we will be looking at.


Dans le cadre du mariage

When choosing partnership of acquests as your marriage regime, be aware that all property you acquire during the union will be equitably divided between you and your spouse at the time of separation.

When you opt for the marriage regime of separation of property, the legal aspects differ. Indeed, you will only have to share the family patrimony.


Les aspects légaux au niveau des conjoints de fait

When you are not married and have the status of common-law partner, during a separation, Quebec law does not allow one of the partners to access the assets held by the other and does not give access to a alimentary pension (if you have children).

Be aware that in practice, however, the situation is a little more complex. During our analysis, we will take care to study every detail of your status in order to guide you to the best possible solutions.

Develop an effective financial strategy by anticipating the unexpected.

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Legal aspects: Marital status

The financial services firm Planico will carefully analyze your personal and family situation and explain the ins and outs of your situation. If necessary, we will refer you to the services of professionals, such as a notary or lawyer. It is up to these professionals, in complex cases, to explain the law (and your possibilities) and to draft the necessary legal documents according to your situation.

The financial planning firm Planico will be happy to guide you in choosing the best possible approach to adopt for your situation.

Setting objectives

We discuss together to determine your projects and goals.

Choice of game plan

With the help of our proposals, you choose the strategy you will follow. 

Portfolio Optimization

We analyze the possibilities of optimizing your portfolio. 

Family patrimony

For successful financial planning, we will also analyze your family wealth. Our task at this level will be to take stock of all the property you have acquired during your marriage and explain to you their devolution during a divorce.

If you are a Canadian resident in Québec, it must be done in accordance with the Civil Code of Québec.

Quebec law has set up an arsenal that allows you to benefit from the assistance of a family mediator or to go through the courts (in a case of a non-agreement). In the latter case, the help of a lawyer will therefore be of real necessity.

The financial planning service firm Planico will support you in this approach.