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Denis Bourque ― Financial Planner

Transparent. Clear. Upright.

With attention to detail, an ambitious vision and a sharp attention to the success of his clients, Denis Bourque founded Planico to offer services that reflect his values.

Entrepreneurs, farmers and professionals can now benefit from its financial services to finally take full control of their finances while having a clear vision of them.

“I’ve always been told that to become the best, I have to surround myself with the best. And that’s what I’ve always done. Here I am for 10 years now giving back by sharing my knowledge with those who need it.”

– Denis

As in chess…

The man who observes always sees more than one or the other of the players

He sees better openings for a good shot and disastrous results for a bad one.

Players are too absorbed…

Too attached to the outcome of the game to be able to have the best possible point of view on the game.

Both players have more control over the game than the man watching.

But they do not have the advantage of his objective perception and expertise.

Your finances are like a game of failure.

You are one of the players.

Your lack of time, institutional access and financial planning (short and long term) is your opponent.

Your goal: To put it in check and matte by achieving your financial goals and having absolute control over your entire financial situation.

The man who watches advises you on the best moves to do and warns you when you are about to do the wrong one.

I am the man who watches.

The decision of how you play the game is up to you, in other words, I don’t force you to do anything.

That being said, I have a more advantageous point of view on the game.

Thus, I can easily distinguish opportunities and better advise you.

This is what makes us an outstanding financial services firm that is able to advise you strategically and find opportunities that you would not have seen or had access to in normal times. 

Schedule a call now to discuss, analyze your situation and determine your goals to determine the first actions to take to achieve your goals.

– Denis Bourque B.A.A., Pl. End.

More than 1000 customers trust Planico!

The success of our customers creates our own.

We have an interest in delivering the goods.

Planico ― Financial Services Firm

A transparent, proactive and objective results-oriented approach.

There are not a thousand and one ways of doing things. We strongly believe that the only approach to be used is one based on transparency, proactivity, objectivity and results. This approach has allowed us to help several hundred clients achieve their goals. The satisfaction and results of our customers are important to us. 

Freedom of choice.

As a guide and an observer, we will always offer you the choice to choose according to the different scenarios available to you by clearly indicating the advantages and benefits of each. The decision is always yours.

Transparency of decisions.

It can be difficult to properly choose the right product for our needs. We always have your interests at heart and will always offer clear and transparent solutions according to your interests.

Customization of the plan.

Since we each have a different reality and objectives, the strategy that will be put in place for you will be built according to your investor profile, your objectives and your interests. Real tailor-made.