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Financial planning

Financial planning firm in Blainville

Are you struggling to manage your finances? Do you have questions about the transfer of your business to your children? Do you need advice for your investment portfolio or want to know strategies to use with insurance in your company? Do you want your investments to be tax efficient?

In order to assist clients in their integrated financial planning process, a person must hold their “financial planning” designation, they are referred to as “financial planners” and the acronym “F.Pl.” is written after their name.

Take advantage of the support of the financial services firm Planico to help you realize your financial projects.

Integrated financial planning

Integrated financial planning is defined as a structured action to achieve one’s dreams and all one’s life goals. At Planico, you benefit from support that meets your expectations to develop a personalized financial plan. Our advisors are at your disposal for this purpose.

To establish your financial plan, Planico is based on seven areas of integrated financial planning, which include:

  • Legal aspects;
  • Insurance and financial risk management;
  • Finance;
  • Taxation;
  • Investments;
  • The development of a retirement plan;
  • Developing a succession plan.

Whether you are looking for individual or corporate financial planning, opt for a global vision to design a personalized strategy. Planico offers you its intervention in Blainville, in the Lower Laurentians of the North Shore.

Planification financière pour entrepreneur et particulier

The dream forms the basis of financial planning. When you want something, you automatically make it a goal. Nevertheless, it is necessary to develop a tailor-made plan to achieve this objective. To this end, financial planning is the best strategy to achieve your goals serenely, efficiently and in a short time.

La planification financière pour les particuliers

To plan a personal project, you must take into account 4 essential points: the cost of living, the balance sheet, debt management and investments.

Each case must be evaluated on its 4 points. In this way, it becomes easier to develop an effective solution to boost your overall financial situation.

La planification financière pour les entrepreneurs

As each entrepreneur is unique, so is his financial situation. Entrepreneurs manage their own activities, including their responsibilities, obligations and contingencies. They attach great importance to the financial situation of their business and tend to neglect their personal financial situation.

5 elements contribute to restoring the balance between the financial situation of the company and the personal financial situation.

That’s where the financial planner comes in. It is he who helps you to implement all the necessary means to balance these two situations. This actor therefore plays a leading role in restoring the overall balance of the entrepreneur’s financial situation.

Start growing your money now.

Schedule a call to discuss your goals and determine the best investments to get there.

Financial planning

The interest of the investment

Saving money without investing is unnecessarily spending. Sooner or later, inflation will rise and the amount saved will lose its value. Fortunately, Planico has provided you with various investment options. These allow you to multiply your savings, realize your dreams and retire as you wish.

Our advisors are at your disposal to guide you in your money investment efforts. We offer you the most secure investments, but also the most profitable. We will assist you in your decision-making so that your investments are favorable to you.

Many entrepreneurs keep part of their earnings to manage the unexpected, without imagining that they could multiply them. However, there are various effective ways to increase the amount invested in a project.

It is in this context that our team intervenes by advising you on the best investments for you and your company.

In terms of investment for entrepreneurs, you have the choice between:

  • Make several investments at once;
  • Make investments according to your investor profile;
  • Manage both corporate and personal investments;
  • Manage the taxation of the investment portfolio.

Entrust us with your personal and/or business projects so that we can offer you the best investment solution adapted to your situation.

Setting objectives

We discuss together to determine your projects and goals.

Choice of game plan

With the help of our proposals, you choose the strategy you will follow. 

Portfolio Optimization

We analyze the possibilities of optimizing your portfolio. 


The need to take out insurance

In order to better manage the unexpected, it is best to take out one or more insurances for you and your business. This preventive solution protects you from financial risks. Planico has a large network of partner insurers who offer you optimized insurance contracts. Work with your financial planner to find the best insurance.

Managing a business requires a minimum of skills. However, you can delegate financial management to Planico. We take care of preserving your financial security by developing effective financial strategies. We are proactive in protecting your cash flow.

Group insurance

Take care of your employees to ensure the development of your business. To do this, take out group insurance to cover the health, well-being and performance of your employees. This type of insurance is also essential to retain your best people and find rare pearls.