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Taking care of a business is very demanding, especially when you wear all the hats. That’s why business owners are happy to let us take the financial hat. Your financial security and the protection of your company’s assets are our priorities.  With financial strategies in place, your corporate goals will turn into success faster.




Insurance for all types of situations

In business, a lot can happen. As many very positive scenarios as unfortunately sad stories. That’s why we choose proactivity before responsiveness. Because in insurance, when you react, it’s probably too late.

You are protected.

Invalidité corporative

Corporate Disability Protection

Don’t let illness or injury make you lose the queens of your business and lose the fruits of your efforts.

Corporate disability coverage ensures a constant monthly income with bringing oxygen to your business during your absence in order to continue to cover expenses. Whether it’s a physical or mental disability, it’s important to be proactive and have a plan in the situation where  you should be away.

Invalidité actionnaire

A shareholder must be absent?

This can complicate matters if a shareholder of your company becomes disabled. 

The best precaution to avoid complications are shareholder disability protections that will allow for fair and appropriate options in the situation where  a shareholder becomes disabled. 

Disability can be both physical and mental, so it is essential to be proactive and anticipate the unexpected. 

Protection aux employés

Protecting your employees

A large proportion of Canadian employers offer group insurance coverage to their employees.

This protection is paramount because it protects the financial security of employees and their families, in addition to making several health care services accessible.

With an extensive network of partners, it is possible to implement advantageous strategies for both your company and your employees with group insurance coverage. 

Assurance maladie grave à propriété partagée

Shared-ownership critical illness coverage

It is possible to share critical illness coverage with a key person in the company in order to be proactive and have protection in the event of a serious illness. 

The company will take care of the payment of the protection and collect the indemnities if something happens to your key employee and the employee takes care of paying the guarantee of reimbursement of the premiums, which he will receive if he has not used the protection at the end of the period provided for in the guarantee.

Let’s plan a discussion to determine if the strategy is right for your needs and goals. 

Protection Partnership

Protection Partnership

Partnership protection is a protection allowing shareholders to finance the redemption of the shares of a partner in the company in the event of death, prolonged disability or serious illness.

It is crucial to think about partnership protection in order to avoid long complications in the event that a partner is absent for a long time. 

Your needs first and foremost.

Tastes are not debatable. Your needs, yes.

How is this done?

Making sure is simple as pie

We discuss.

We start by discussing your current situation and any situations you would like to protect yourself from.

We analyze.

We take note of your objectives and analyze all the options that are close to your needs and your budget.

We recommend.

Based on the previous steps, we present and recommend  the protections that meet your requests and goals.

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