Financial planning


The underlying issue behind the investment is the return. Risk management is an important aspect. When choosing your investments, whether they are in an RRSP, TFSA, RESP, RDSP or any other vehicle, there are a few basic rules that must be followed.

Je suis un particulier

Je suis un(e) entrepreneur(e)

Investment for individuals

If you are a professional or entrepreneur, you can use our financial planning services. We will be able to help you achieve your goal; that of seeing more clearly in your current financial situation and optimizing your assets. We will therefore help you to popularize and facilitate the achievement of your goals.

Determination of the investor profile

Planico starts by determining your investor profile. This process is vital to establish the investment strategy best suited to your needs. It will then be a question of making the link between your objectives, your investment horizon, your risk tolerance and your ability to take risks. Risk tolerance is very important, since it conditions most of your financial decisions.

A diversified portfolio, whether invested in RRSPs or TFSAs, can perform very well over a horizon of more than 5 years while producing negative returns over a shorter period (one year). Your financial planner will help you understand volatility over a period of time so that fluctuations are in your favor.

Are you willing to accept portfolio cuts of 3%, 5% or 10%? Some will say yes, others will say no. The important thing is to discuss it with an independent professional so that he can guide you in your choices.

Portfolio diversification

The investment portfolio represents all of your investments. In order to limit the risks and ensure that the return is maximum, it is advisable to diversify your income. Simply put, you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket. Invest in various asset classes, sectors of economic activity. It is also important to diversify your portfolio geographically (Canada, United States, Europe, Asia, etc.). Depending on your situation, it may be relevant to establish a tax strategy to enumerate on the taxation of your portfolio.

Discover our investment strategies that will help diversify your portfolio.

Schedule a call to discuss your goals and determine the best investments to get there.


Investment for Business Owners

When you make a profit from your business, it is imperative not to let sleep more than the necessary in your checking account (working capital). Learn about investment strategies that allow you to generate additional passive returns. Our investment service supports you in investment strategies and tax optimizations (holding in the operating or management company).

Investor Profile

As with individuals, it is important to define your investor profile. This is all the more important to ensure that you never affect the financial stability of your business. Planico accompanies you in your objectives in order to establish the best strategies that apply to YOUR situation.


Setting objectives

We discuss together to determine your projects and goals.

Choice of game plan

With the help of our proposals, you choose the strategy you will follow. 

Portfolio Optimization

We analyze the possibilities of optimizing your portfolio. 


Investment Optimization

There are a variety of tax-efficient financial products, but does their cost still justify the tax savings they achieve? Between pure private management, very accessible but less tax-efficient and all other more recent strategies, a variety of options exist for setting up a portfolio.

In addition to minimizing or deferring tax, your investments must above all reach the desired rate of return in accordance with the investor’s profile, and include management fees as low as possible according to your specificities (distribution between asset classes, amount involved, services received, etc.).

For tax optimization

Taxation plays a major role when you make the decision to build an investment savings strategy. Planico will be able to direct you to the most tax-beneficial types of investments. While TFSAs and RRSPs are the most popular products in Quebec, education savings plans or capital structure funds can provide other benefits that may apply depending on your situation. Contact our financial planning expert for more information.